Monday 7 January 2019

Annual Update: Sustainability, Stability, and Growth

This is an annual update regarding the UIXP’s progress in 2018 and our ambitions for 2019.

2018 was a surprisingly good year: We overcame substantial challenges, attracted new peers, deployed a prototype Google cache, implemented a new sustainability model, upgraded our failing power system, and paid our legal debts. As a result, we are now significantly better positioned for future growth and, therefore, to deliver significantly more value to our members.


In 2019 we plan to build on these successes by lowering prices; developing internal structure; paying key staff; improving service quality; hosting quarterly events; supporting the local technology community; becoming fully tax compliant; and implementing governance reform.

The new pricing structure aims to attract more networks by making peering more affordable: We now offer 10 Mbps ports for free; have cut the cost of 100 Mbps ports by 60%; and have reduced the cost of 1 Gbps ports by 9%. These adjustments were possible to implement without negatively impacting our overall revenue because of growth in our paying membership base, and because many networks have transitioned to (or will soon transition to) more expensive 10 Gbps ports where our existing rates are still cost-effective.

2018 MRC
2019 MRC
10 Mbps
$100 / mo
100 Mbps
$250 / mo
$100 / mo
1 Gbps
$550 / mo
$500 / mo
10 Gbps
$1000 / mo
$1000 / mo

We are also excited to announce the impending arrival of a large social media network in Q1 2019. This network will peer directly and should significantly increase the amount of traffic networks generate from our exchange. We are still working out some of the technical details and will share more on this soon.

Finally, we would like to note that none of this would have been possible without the networks that supported the implementation of our sustainability model -- and those that have committed to do so in 2019. To these networks we are extremely grateful. We are heartened by your support.

We also thank everyone else for their participation and look forward to interacting with all of you in the coming year!

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